We are MRC Global Norway - Piping Division

Our business is based on a history of fair dealings, listening to our customers and employees. We believe our future is guaranteed by honoring our tradition of excellence and by keeping to our core values.

Dedicated People
We are empowering our people - every idea counts and every role has a voice. We are dedicated and realize that the collective efforts in the value chain make a difference. We believe our strength comes from the relationships we establish with all of the people in the value chain.

Ethical Culture
We insist on integrity, honesty, respect and ethical behavior. We welcome and encourage diversity in all aspects of our business. We seek to raise the standard of good business through responsible company practices.

Valued Customers
We aim to meet our customers require-ments by anticipating their needs. We know our success is only possible through increasing our customers’ productivity and profitability, thus ensuring their success as well. We are committed to serve our customers through value creation and high quality solutions.

Committed Leadership
We lead by example, demonstrating our values in all circumstances and at all times. Our experience and abilities are the foundation of MRC Global Norway - Piping Division's operational excellence. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving the results our stakeholders expect.

We listen to, and encourage one another, and take pride in our growth and accomplishments.

We believe that by adhering to these guidelines our company will remain one of the leading companies in piping and piping related product segments. Above all, we believe that through our knowledge and our products, MRC Piping Division can make a meaningful difference in our business communities.

We are MRC Global Norway - Piping Division.